Welcome to JKA-SKC

JKA-SKC is headed by Keith Geyer and assisted by a group of senior instructors who all have an enormous amount of training experience gained at the Honbu (Headquarters) dojo of the JKA in Tokyo. The aims and objectives of the JKA-SKC Australasia, are to foster, administer and advance the art of JKA karate.

Affiliated to the Japan Karate Association, the JKA is the world's largest and most prestigious organisation, clearly defining itself as 'The keeper of karate's highest tradition' with member organisations in over 100 countries across all continents around the world.

JKA teaches traditional Shotokan style of karate. The standards taught are of the highest level in keeping with the technical requirements set by JKA Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Through continuous contribution and it's commitment to society, the JKA was recognised in 2012 by the Government of Japan as 'KOEKI SHADAN HOJIN' (Public Interest Incorporated Association), the only Japanese Martial Arts Association to date to be given such recognition by the Japanese Government.

Shotokan Karate, as a self-defence is one of the most dynamic of all martial arts. It is also the most widely practiced karate style in the world.  The trained karate-ka will have the ability to coordinate mind and body, thereby, can unleash tremendous physical power at will.

The rewards of karate are numerous. In our everyday lives, we often forget the value of exercise to both our physical and mental health. In this, karate is a life long journey. It is an activity in which advancing age is not a hindrance, rather it encourages proficiency in the keen coordination of mind and body.

Please feel free to drop in to one of our locations in Australia and our friendly instructors will be glad to assist in your inquiry and get you and your family started. Or just call, or email Edji on 0438 440 555 - e.zenel@shotokan.com.au.