At the Japan Karate Association (JKA-SKC), we teach martial arts as part of healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. The programmes are designed to cover the required curriculum in a positive environment.

JKA-SKC have separate children, teenage and adult classes, beginners to advanced. Our programmed is designed to develop your coordination, quicken reflexes, and build stamina.

We encourage goal setting and recognise that people have different goals and objectives. Some wish to become proficient in self-defense, whilst others still wish to compete in competition. JKA-SKC is an active member of Japan Karate Association and the Australian Karate Federation with many students competing at the highest level.

Our training programme also provide you with other benefits, such as fitness, flexibility, increase motor skills/coordination, reflexes as well as developing your self-confidence. We thrive to keep up to date with the latest sports specific training by constantly pushing the knowledge of our coaches and students through seminars and crossed-training from nationally renowned coaches, also inviting guests of the highest calibre from all around the world.

Our proven system based on over 40 years boasts many students with National and International success. So come-in and try this dynamic martial art and realise the long-term benefits you will gain.